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Hello from IL!

Started by RoadboyIL, October 29, 2009, 12:29:24 AM

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Hello all, it's good to be here with other road fanatics!

I'm Joe, in Heyworth, Illinois (at the junction of US 51 and US 136), ten miles west of old Route 66.  I work in Bloomington, just a few blocks from Veterans Parkway, the last routing of 66 through town.  I've driven most of the (many) Interstates here in IL including that who-the-hell-knows-what-it's-for I-180, and scoped out lots of old 66 through the state.  I was born in Kentucky (and a roadgeek since birth), but lived in California long enough that I remember driving the Embarcadero Freeway, and those old 'The Alameda' signs on the CA 17 freeway with the barely-greened out old US 101 shield.

Anyway, my major interest nowadays is decommissioned US routes, in particular US 25, 21, 10, 16, 66, and I think US 91 and US 80 west of Dallas are coming on to that list.  Also shifted routes such as old US 12 in Michigan and the old parts of US 41 in Indiana.  I've driven them all and never get tired of them!

Also great to see some familiar posters here - H.B., Kurumi, Froggie, et. al.  Lookin' forward to lotsa road chats with you all.


You'll find you're in good company with the love of decommissioned US routes. When Jake gets back from South Dakota I'm sure you'll have lots to talk about  :nod:Welcome to the boards!
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Welcome abroad!

I also find 'old' roads to be fascinating to trace and explore and am now working on an ongoing project to trace the routings of the early 20th century 'auto trail' called the Yellowstone Trail, similar to the Lincoln Highway except that it ran farther north (I am now slowly working my way westward across Montana).  The high resolution aerial images available on-line these days has been a GODSEND in that task, too, such that I would have been totally lost trying to do this even ten years ago.

NOW, for a real, and closer, 'drive all of the old roads' challenge - find, trace and drive all of the routings that US 41 (including precursor WI 15(1st)) followed over its history between Oshkosh and Marinette, WI.




Welcome, Joe (aka Roadboy).  I'm a bit up the road from you on I-55, in Joliet.  :cool:
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I too just found this site I am from Illinois 3467 stand for my favorite existing routes US 34 and US 67 Both of which I would like to see as 4 lane
I am also interested in planning .EISs history such as the Illinois Supllemental Freeway system and many other topics

My Favorite decomsissioned number US 32

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