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Author Topic: Enough of my lurking already  (Read 3412 times)


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Enough of my lurking already
« on: April 29, 2010, 08:18:48 PM »

Hiyas - I'm a collassal lurker from m.t.r. days and this forum once I discovered it a few months back.  I finally decided to get an account so I can post and say hello.  Most of my friends know me as their road-geekiest friend, but I don't have nearly the knowledge of some of y'all here.  I'm originally from NJ, but live near Seattle now (and have been for the past 10 years).  For any of you from around here, I think the best thing that could happen to the 520 bridge is that it sinks (with somehow no traffic on it at the time), so they'll their crap together and stop discussing proposals and get started on building, and I know a couple of NIMBYs that I wish I could swing a shovel at, because they don't want light rail running near their condos when they're built 15 years from now.  (Oh my goodness I miss a decent rail system!) 


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Re: Enough of my lurking already
« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2010, 12:45:54 AM »

Haha. Looks like we'll have an interesting time having you around. Welcome!


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Re: Enough of my lurking already
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2010, 09:21:59 PM »

Welcome, from Texas!


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Re: Enough of my lurking already
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2010, 03:24:52 PM »

Here's a welcome from Ontario! I also lurked for while before posting to here and still lurk on M.T.R.


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