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Hello from OkLAHoMa

Started by CometTheMountainLion, February 28, 2023, 11:12:23 PM

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Hello AARF! I am CometTheMountainLion, amateur artist and on-again-off-again road geek from the land of cursed signage. In addition to road-related stuff, I like to draw human and furry ocs and items. When I am not on Facebook, Snapchat, Deviantart ,or Toyhouse, I am often here.

An example of artwork by me:
My terms:

Greater I-45 - I-45 plus US-75 and US-69 to Big Cabin, OK.

CraIGs or CraIGeSQuE- Any sign similar to the late infamous “CraIG COUntY” sign.


Welcome from the Midwest! Lots of Oklahoma roadgeeks here.


Welcome to the forum, the one place in the world that feels our pain that ODOT makes us endure with their signs. :P
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Welcome from Massachusetts!

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Lowest untraveled: 25


Welcome from Massachusetts. I love the artwork!


Welcome from Wisconsin/Illinois/wherever I happen to reside when you read this!

Nice ref sheet! I've thought about chucking color codes on my before.
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Welcome from Massachusetts. You're very talented with your art.
Decommission 128 south of Peabody!

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Current Interstate map I am making:


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