I-43 Fox River bridge in Green Bay, WI - repairs and restoration

Started by mgk920, September 25, 2013, 11:38:12 AM

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That's awesome news! It won't radically alter Packers game traffic, but general traffic in Green Bay should flow more smoothly as a result.


Good timing on the completion.  One less headache for disappointed fans.
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Fox 11 News

Fox 11 News

A media tour of the site planned for today has been pushed back to next week.

Fox 11 News

The media tour planned for 4.22 has been postponed again. No new date

Fox 11 News

Fox 11 News

Big John

Bumping for a new bump was found on the bridge causing an emergency freeway closure.  Bridge inspectors can't yet find a cause for this.

edit:  crews are downplaying it.  https://fox11online.com/news/local/incident-closes-interstate-43-at-leo-frigo-bridge-in-green-bay


Brown County Sheriff just tweeted that it will be closed for an extended period of time due to "buckling."


I guess we will see in the next day or so.


Reopened: http://nixle.us/D9MPP
Sounds like the bridge was closed as a precaution, fortunately no structural issues where found by WisDOT.
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