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US 95 and County 215 Centennial Bowl Interchange

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--- Quote from: compdude787 on July 16, 2017, 02:59:52 PM ---Are they going to build a ramp from eastbound CC 215 to NB US 95? Seems like that's quite a missing movement, especially for traffic bypassing Las Vegas to head to Reno.

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Improvements at the Centennial Bowl Interchange are considered "Phase 3" of NDOT's multi-phase US 95 Northwest Corridor Improvements project. Opening of the WB>SB flyover represents the completion of Phase 3B (which also included the NB>EB direct ramp completed previously).

Phase 3C begins construction in 2018 with the next three ramps mentioned previously: NB>WB flyover, SB>EB flyover (a movement not currently accommodated at the interchange), and WB>NB.

Phases 3D/3E of the overall project will complete the remaining movements without freeway-to-freeway ramps: EB>NB, EB>SB (a repurposing of the existing southbound on ramp from Oso Blanca Road), and SB>WB (also not currently accommodated at the interchange). The 215/Sky Pointe Drive intersection will be reconstructed to an interchange, and the road will be connected to its existing segment south of the beltway for the first time. Oso Blanca Road will also be reconnected under 215 to its stub at Centennial Center Blvd, and will be connected to Sky Pointe via new beltway frontage connections over 95. Phase 3E consists primarily of the final build out of 215 to at least 3 lanes each direction.

Two points, for the record:

(1) The EB to NB movement is not currently missing, it's just indirect. This traffic can turn left at the Sky Pointe Drive intersection, and follow the Sky Pointe frontage road to the US 95 North on/off ramps at the intersection with Buffalo Drive. (The movement is signed "TO North US 95" from EB 215.) As things stand now, the EB>NB movement is the only ramp in the final configuration that will be built as a loop (and will end up with a cloverleaf-style weave pattern with the existing NB 95 off-ramp to Buffalo/Sky Pointeóthat's an indication of the lack of demand for that movement.

(2) I don't know of any traffic that would use 215 to "bypass" Las Vegas to head north to Reno, such that they'd end up on EB 215 at this interchange... Assuming this supposed traffic originated from south of Las Vegas, a more effective bypass would be to use SR 160 to go completely around Las Vegas (and if such traffic were to come from southern California, there's no need to head through Las Vegas if Reno is the final destination).

It looks like NDOT is ready to award the contract for Phase 3C of the Centennial Bowl to start this fall, but the cost of the project is higher than originally anticipated...

Trumpís steel tariffs may be driving up costs of road projects, Las Vegas Review-Journal[/url], 7/9/18

--- Quote ---President Donald Trumpís steel tariffs may be driving up costs for state road construction projects, as displayed during a recent round of bids for the next phase of the Centennial Bowl interchange in northwest Las Vegas, the Nevada Department of Transportation said Monday.

NDOT had estimated it would cost $49 million to $59 million to build the next three ramps linking U.S. Highway 95 and the 215 Beltway, but Las Vegas Paving submitted a lone bid of $61.5 million to complete the project by 2020, NDOT Director Rudy Malfabon said.

The higher-than-anticipated bid was attributed to Trumpís order this year to impose a tariff ó or tax on imported goods ó of 25 percent for steel and 10 percent for aluminum.
Work is scheduled to start by fall on the next phase of the Centennial Bowl, which calls for building a flyover ramp carrying vehicles from northbound U.S. 95 to the westbound Beltway, a ramp connecting southbound U.S. 95 to the eastbound Beltway and a third ramp linking the eastbound Beltway to southbound U.S. 95.

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It looks like NDOT is changing up the construction a bit. The original Phase 3C plan was to do NB>WB flyover, SB>EB flyover, and WB>NB ramp. They're not doing the WB>NB ramp, and doing EB>SB instead.

This makes some sense because (a) the majority of the final EB>SB ramp has been constructed for years already, and (b) it'll probably make the final phases a bit easier by having the US 95 south access maintained when they punch the Oso Blanca frontage road through below this same spot. Also, building the WB>NB ramp now would have involved creating a new temporary intersection for the Sky Pointe Dr/95 north access that would've been ripped out to put a new beltway interchange at Sky Pointe in at the same spot (which I always thought was kinda silly anyway).

Unless SoCal-originating traffic is doing a "grand tour" of NV population centers, there is only a small chance that NB I-15 traffic will end up on US 95 north; it would have more than likely utilized US 395 (if heading directly to Carson City or Reno) or even possibly CA 127/NV 393 to access US 95 in the west-central part of the state.  The 215 LV loop, when completed as a 3-quadrant facility, will potentially expedite traffic on US 95/I-11 or I-15 in the process of bypassing central LV; most of that traffic will likely be of the commercial variety needing a peak-hour bypass of the central city core -- or general traffic from AZ heading directly to Reno or other northern NV points (or even beyond).  But it is likely that the 215 loop will serve more as a local distributor than an actual bypass; its convoluted  (except for the northern tier) alignment seems intended to serve as much of the western suburban region as possible.  Its role as an actual bypass appears to be more incidental than primary; development has largely subsumed its corridor (again, except for the E-W segment between US 95 and I-15/US 93 NE of NLV, which remains largely undeveloped except for a few nascent commercial ventures).           

Just to be clear, the 215 was never envisioned as a regional bypass. It was always meant to be a local route to help relieve traffic on I-15 and US 95.

Had an eastern beltway leg been built, that would have been the most effective Vegas bypass (essentially would have shifted US 93 and CANAMEX corridor traffic out of downtown Vegas to the east).


--- Quote from: roadfro on July 11, 2018, 10:20:27 AM ---Just to be clear, the 215 was never envisioned as a regional bypass. It was always meant to be a local route to help relieve traffic on I-15 and US 95.

Had an eastern beltway leg been built, that would have been the most effective Vegas bypass (essentially would have shifted US 93 and CANAMEX corridor traffic out of downtown Vegas to the east).

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Ironic, isn't it!  The one quadrant that would have made an effective regional bypass was the one that wasn't built!  A cynic might opine that LV interests never really wanted -- or envisioned -- a bypass in the first place; just a peripheral route that can move folks from the western 'burbs to their places of employment in the central and eastern metro sectors.  Its role as a "relief route" for both I-15 and US 95 is thus largely coincidental. 


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