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US 95 and County 215 Centennial Bowl Interchange

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KLAS-TV reports (video at the link):

--- Quote ---Reducing confusion and improving safety: That's the goal of the Nevada Department of Transportation's Centennial Bowl project, which just broke ground Tuesday on its next phase.

Three new ramps will be added where the 215 beltway meets U.S. 95.  The lanes will connect eastbound 215 to U.S. 95 southbound -- connect southbound U.S. 95 toward eastbound 215 -- and connect northbound U.S. 95 to westbound 215.

--- End quote ---

We have Rockersk08 take a tour on the CC-215 near US-95 recently.

InterstateKyle did something similar on the US-95 drive too to see the changes on that route.

Bump to share this YouTube video from NDOT's channel, which is showing some of the construction taking place on the NB 95 > WB 215 and SB 95 > EB 215 ramps.

Apparently, one of these ramps (likely NB>WB) will be the second longest bridge in the state of Nevada when completed. The current longest bridge in the state is also at this interchange, the WB>SB ramp constructed in the previous phase.

The second longest bridge in Nevada is at the halfway point of construction

Nevada’s 2nd-longest bridge halfway complete in northwest Las Vegas, Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12/6/19

--- Quote ---Construction on Nevada’s second-longest bridge is at the 50-yard line.

The 2,635-foot-long flyover will connect U.S. Highway 95 northbound to the 215 Beltway westbound in northwest Las Vegas. The bridge is part of the $73 million Centennial Bowl interchange project, which broke ground in January.
The bridge work is employing up to 150 tradesmen and is scheduled to be finished in November.

--- End quote ---


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