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US 95 and County 215 Centennial Bowl Interchange

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Plutonic Panda:
The NB 95 to WB 215 flyover finally opens on the 28th!!!

Plutonic Panda:
The flyover is open

The R-J updates the progress: $155M final phase kicks off in Las Vegas

--- Quote ---Crews will break ground Monday on the $155 million final phase of the Centennial Bowl interchange project where U.S. Highway 95 and the 215 Beltway meet, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation.

When this third and final phase is complete in early 2024, it will mark the end of the nine-year project that cost nearly $300 million.

The final phase will build out the remaining three ramps needed to finish the system-to-system interchange that first began construction in 2015.

... Additionally, the U.S. 95 northbound to 215 eastbound ramp will be widened to two lanes, a half-mile section of the 215 will be increased to a six-lane divided freeway, and a service interchange at the 215 and Sky Pointe Drive will be built with one way slip ramps to and from Oso Blanca Road.

--- End quote ---

As part of the final phase of construction, Oso Blanca Road will be closing at CC-215 later today for the next three years.

Portion of Oso Blanca Road closing in northwest Las Vegas Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/05/2021

--- Quote ---Oso Blanca from the 215 Beltway to just south of Deer Springs Way will shut to traffic at 9 p.m. Sunday and remain closed for up to three years in order for the $155 million final phase of the Centennial Bowl project to finish, the Nevada Department of Transportation announced Wednesday.

--- End quote ---

When the project is finished, Oso Blanca will no longer intersect the beltway directly. It will go underneath the 215 and will finally be reconnected to Centennial Center Blvd (a connection severed about a decade ago to make way for what is now the EB 215's ramp to US 95 SB). New slip ramps from Oso Blanca will connect to a new interchange at CC 215 & Sky Pointe Drive, providing indirect beltway access.

Haven't reported much new news about this project in a while. But came across this press release today via NDOT's US 95 Northwest Improvements project website:

Centennial Bowl Ramp Closure Begins June 24 (PDF), 6/22/22

--- Quote ---Las Vegas, NV The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) will close the ramp from southbound U.S. 95 to Centennial Center Blvd., Ann Rd., and Rancho Dr. for approximately 90 days beginning at 1:00 a.m. on June 24. Traffic will be temporarily detoured onto the new ramp from southbound U.S. 95 to westbound CC-215, to N. Durango Dr, and to Centennial Center Blvd. The mainline lanes of U.S. 95 are not affected by this detour.

The closure is necessary for construction of a bridge over U.S. 95 for a multi-use recreational trail. The trail is being added along the north side of the 215 Beltway from Grand Montecito Parkway to Tenaya Way, along with several miles of new bike lanes and sidewalks. The bridge is one of 20 new spans within the Centennial Bowl Project in northwest Las Vegas.

--- End quote ---

The unannounced news there is that the new US 95 SB to CC 215 WB ramp is complete and open, as it's part of the detour for the SB exit 91 closure.


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