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Max Rockatansky:
Stumbled upon something pertaining to South Vietnam, seemed important to put something out there.  What I posted on Gribblenation:

The January/February 1962 California Highways & Public Works featured an article by George Gray Associate Highway Engineer of Division of Highways District VII pertaining to his acceptance of a two year contract as design engineer of rehabilitation of South Vietnam’s highway system.  A planning map south several South Vietnam National Highways is shown adorned with US Route shields much like they had been on O’ahu during World War II.  The article briefs over South Vietnam National Highways 1, 19 and 21.  Below a full link to the January/February 1962 California Highways & Public Works can be found:

Would have loved to see shields or signage. I have a few South Vietnamese đồng coins in my collection, a gift from my late father who was an Air Force vet(eran/erinarian).


--- Quote ---Gene Blake of the Los Angeles Times introduced an article on freeway route selection this way:

"Just let the word get out that a freeway is being planned for a certain community—and you never saw so many 'experts' on exactly where it should be routed.

"All of them can give many good reasons why it should be built along a route which—coincidentally, of course—will not remove or be too close to their own homes or businesses.

Some who have thoroughly enjoyed using a freeway to get somewhere else are suddenly horrified at the thought of any going through their community at all. . . .

" 'Twas ever thus, wherever freeways have gone through built-up, populated areas.  Not everyone can be pleased.

"Former Pasadena Mayor Ray Woods put it well when he said, 'Even if they hung freeways from skyhooks, somebody would gripe about the shadows'."

--- End quote ---


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