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Mr. Matté:
IMO, it seems like the various photo contests and games (e.g. Exponential road signs game, Guess the census block) threads are really clogging up the discussion boards. I would suggest to split all such threads into a separate board (whether a subboard of something or a completely separate board, I don't have a preference).

I support this. I like the photo games, but I agree they could be separate. They really don't serve the same purpose as regular discussion threads.

I also agree. I think it would both be better for the games themselves (more exposure in their own board, all in one place instead of several places) and the boards they inhabit (less clogged up with the games and therefore easier to search for what you want).

I support this idea. Right now, most games are in Traffic Control, which seems like an odd fit, but then you have some in other boards, too.

If it's best to use an existing board, I would suggest "Photos, Videos, and More" as a potential location for all game and challenge threads.

During the Cody era, there was a board for games. When the Jake era started, it was axed out of a desire to discourage the creation of new game threads. (It would appear that, 10 years on, it didn't help.)

I'm somewhat reluctant to endorse adding a new board, as there are already 24 of them for most logged-in users, not even counting sub-boards.


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