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Interstates 21 and 23?


As per Wikipedia (I know, I know; you can't always trust it, but nothing's been changed for a while on this page) under Future Interstate Highways:

Proposed routes, extensions and conversions of U.S. interstate highways:

Interstate 21 from Douglas to Willcox in Cochise County, Arizona.

Interstate 23 from Columbus to Deming, New Mexico.

While I click on any of them, it just leads me back to the "Future Interstates" page.  Still, if these proposed routes I-21 and I-23 are indeed real, how soon could we expect them to be built?

They, as well as I-19, should simply become spurs of I-10.

someone's gotta be off the deep end here.  This is another one that sounds like it should be a three-digit interstate (an x15 given the absence of x05 options)

--- Quote ---# Conversion of California State Route 78 to Interstate 18 from Escondido by Interstate 15 to Oceanside to meet Interstate 5.
--- End quote ---

and this one does not even make any sense:

--- Quote ---Conversion of U.S. Highway 83 from Laredo, Texas to connect Interstate 37 to Brownsville, Texas supposedly to be marked Interstate 6 or Interstate 7, but may be viewed as an extension of Interstate 35 from Corpus Christi, Texas.
--- End quote ---

35 does not go through Corpus Christi - that's 37's southern terminus.  If 37 were extended to Brownsville, it would not be the US-83 corridor.  35 and 37 could be extended to Brownsville via the US-83 and US-77 corridors, respectively ... and neither of them had better be numbered I-7!

Revive 755:
I have extreme doubts that I-21 and I-23 will ever exist in areas where the numbers fit (though I wonder if the US 20 expressway east of Idaho Falls could become part of a new route up to I-90 at Bozeman, MT).  Going from streetview, I don't seen enough to really justify four laning the proposed I-21 and I-23 routes.  Maybe if the rules change to allow two lane expressways to be signed as interstates.

And for another Wikipedia error with future interstates:

--- Quote ---Conversion of U.S. Highway 71 from Fort Smith, Ark. to Texarkana, supposedly to be marked Interstate 54.
--- End quote ---

Yea, and it may be off topic (with regards to region), but notice also the N-S Interstate 54 between Fort Smith, AR to Texarkana, TX.  It would be a much better extension of I-49.


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