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What kind of Camera does everybody use?

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Exactly as the thread is titled?  Post what kind of camera you use for highway photos.

Max Rockatansky:
Mostly an IPhone 5 for day time shots since it is easy to take panos and moving pictures with....probably not what anyone was really expecting I would venture.  I do a ton of edits after I down load my pictures to clean them up but really it can show sometimes that I'm not using that great of a camera behind the wheel.  I use a Nikon (I have to look up the model when I get home) to take night and distance pictures (which I finally found my storage bin the other day). 

The only camera I own, my mobile phone camera (Samsung GS5). Would rather like to buy an actual camera for the purpose, but money.

I use my LG v10.  It can take a bit of time to get the app going though...and the pics aren't always as clear as I've wished.

Nikon D810. Expensive, but I love the full-frame sensor (helps with wide-angle shots, especially of bridges) with lots of pixels to work with. Too bulky to use behind the wheel, but then I always pull over and stop to take road photos.


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