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Super Trip


I did this trip in January 2007. 10,473 miles in 16 days to all 48 contiguous states.

I've had mini-trips to the Smoky Mountains (honeymoon), California (Sequoia, Lake Tahoe, Redwoods, US-101, Golden Gate Bridge), Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Lake Okeechobee, Everglades, Key West, Miami), Tupelo area, Wyoming (Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, Thermopolis), New England States and Maritime Provinces (Prince Edward Island, Glace Bay and Sydney, Nova Scotia).

I'll try getting pics of those up at some point in the future.

Right now, my 'super trip' is all I have documented online.


Wow, that's awesome!

definitely something I want to do sometime. Although I think I want to split it in 4 separate trips, taking more time to explore some states.

That looks like it would be fun trip


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