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So I found this link: and I thought, when I was a kid my parents let me steer down the driveway.  When I was 13 I got to steer on a public street.  But I didn't get to touch the gas (well, maybe once) until I was 16.  So this thread is to share your pre-16 driving experiences.

When I was 9 and I could reach the pedals my Grandpa let me drive his old S-10 around his field in southern Ohio, and he was the only one who really gave me any pre-14 (15 being the driver's license age in Idaho, drivers ed and learners permit at 14) driving experience. When I was roughly 11 he let me drive from his farm to the store down Ohio SR 41 in the S-10, and at 13 he let me drive to Columbus from Greenfield on the backroads.

I forget how old I was.. I believe that I was 9-10 and my dad let me drive around the campground we stayed at (granted it was at the end of October so there was only 10 people there)

I used to move the car around the parking lot a bit, and then when I turned 13 my mom began letting me drive her places around town as long as I stuck to 25-mph residential streets for the most part.

I ride a motorized bike made for a 13-year goes to street speed so I can ride across the highway (no freeways) to the Target.


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