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Read this first before posting in this section.

Started by rickmastfan67, September 06, 2013, 11:13:33 PM

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1. This section of the forum is only for people having registration problems.  Any other posts made here will be deleted and depending what it was about, your IP/e-mail address might be permanently banned as well.

2. Please don't e-mail "" for help if your account hasn't been approved yet.  It's an automated e-mail address.  You will not get a response from it.

3. Only post here if your account hasn't been activated for 48h+ (2 days).  Most of us Admins have jobs that prevent us from looking at the approval list that often.  Most accounts are normally approved within that 48h window, so please be patient with us, we'll get to it and approve it. ;)

4. If your account hasn't been approved yet after 48h, please post what the account name (and when posting please use the same e-mail address as your account) in a new thread, so we can check the waiting list to find it and get it approved for you.


5. In the "reason for joining" field, please add information that proves you are a legitimate person, and not a spammer.  The more specific this is, the more it will expedite approval of your account. If you did not include any roads-related reason for joining, you will not be accepted.

6. Please always start a NEW thread.  Do not post in another persons old issue thread bumping it up.

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