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Rotary to Roundabout at Port Hastings

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^ Yeah, I think it might be too late to keep all the worms in the can...

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With proper signage, I wouldn't think road rage should be an issue. If traffic backs up in both lanes, as it should, drivers will just have to get used to alternating once the bridge opens back up.

The bigger issue might be that traffic could still back up into the roundabout even with another lane... as it presumably does now with the existing rotary.

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The road rage comes from sitting there while the bridge is open.

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I get that, but I don't see how an extra lane makes that worse.


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--- Quote from: cbeach40 on August 26, 2021, 01:45:04 PM ---Here's an idea - build a second opening bridge on the west side of the lock. Would be a pretty low speed as to avoid having to expand the banks too much. But at least one bridge could remain open to auto traffic at a time.

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Are you thinking of something similar to the east end of the Pont Victoria in Montreal where there are two bridges over the St. Lawrence Seaway in order to keep traffic moving when one has to be raised for a passing ship? The structures for the overhead power lines, and the lighthouse next to those, might make that difficult at the Canso Causeway unless they were to dump more fill to expand the area immediately south of the canal to accommodate the roadway.

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Just might work! You'd be dealing with some tight curves on/off the new bridge depending on how much fill is placed.......but no worse than the roundabout radius!

It's been a while since I woke up a sleeping topic...

I looked at Google Maps to see the area, and I figured out that the TCH-104/Trunk 4 interchange (well, let's say "intersection" for now) northeast of Port Hawkesbury was promised to a much bigger project, that could bypass Pt. Hawkesbury and Pt. Hastings as well. Let's imagine that, from west to east.

First, connect back Trunk 4 and the actual TCH-104 east, following the remnants of the ancient road, and start a brand new TCH-104 east, just west of the actual one. Then let it stretch southeast, crossing Tower Rd., passing under the power lines, and crossing Hillside Dr., before turning east, passing south of O'Brien Rd, and crossing Marine Dr. (NS-344), the railway and Trunk 4 (actual TCH-104), before crossing Barrys River/Aulds Cove on a brand new bridge, northwest of the causeway. The new TCH-104 would cross Ceilidh Trail (Trunk 19) just south of the southern end of Fox Rd., would stretch northeast, then curve east just south of the NS Power site, cross TCH-105 and pass under the power lines, before bypassing Hector Lake by the north, and curve southeast, following the power lines, crossing Kings Rd. and Crandall Rd. on its way to connect to actual TCH-104 at the Trunk 4 interchange. Finally, add some interchanges along the way where needed, like at Sunrise Trail (Trunk 4), Ceilidh Trail (Trunk 19), and TCH-105.

The new bridge, crossing Barrys River/Aulds Cove, would be one lane per direction, and be twinned when needed.

That kind of project would be expensive, for sure, but will separate transit and local traffics, and, foremost, definitely put an end to the swing bridge wait.


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