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I-91 I-95 Merge in New Haven, CT

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There was an article in New Haven's paper about the new I-91 SB & I-95 SB merge construction that will be complete next year in April 2010.

The work will make the connection a two-lane interstate to interstate connection.  This is all part of the new Q-Bridge construction, which will make the current 6-lane bridge crossing over NH harbor into a 10 lane bridge, the type of bridge will also be the first of it's type in the US (not sure what type it is though).  The DOT also wants to make all directions at the I-91 & I-95 interchange 2-lane connections.

(Edit - Assume you don't mean I-95/I-95 merge :-D)

Interesting, as i plan on passing through there next May on my way to Deleware from Nova Scotia.I will be sure to follow this.

I'm looking at that interchange in street view. It looks confusing as hell right now!  :wow:

Oh yeah...I forgot the website:

It has plans and a computer generated layout view too
Plus pics and status updates on the 6 or so seperate projects.

From the article:

--- Quote ---Interstate 91 rolls down from Derby Line, Vt., on the Canadian border, three or four lanes in each direction for most of the way.
--- End quote ---

Somebody obviously hasn't ever driven it in Vermont. :pan:


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