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Future of I-72 in Missouri?

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What does the future look like for I-72 to be built across Missouri to either Macon or Cameron? I haven't seen any news since the last of the six counties figured out the local taxes to pay to widen US 36 to freeway grade. All the information I've found is several years old and MoDOT's website is no help.

It would be a waste. Intersections like this aren't hurting anyone.

Agreed.  We took US 36 from Hannibal to Cameron a couple summers ago and there was little if anything that seemed to need any upgrades.  Probably just about as fast and a much more pleasant/less stressful drive than I-70 across Missouri.

Revive 755:
At the very least the section through Cameron needs to have the stoplight just east of I-35 removed.  Depending upon traffic growth, the I-35 interchange may need to be upgraded at some point.

If I-70 is tolled, then I don't see any upgrades happening to US 36 in Missouri. In fact, it may be tolled too, to discourage diversion from I-70.


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