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Max Rockatansky:
Had some time to kill today so I took the entirety of CA 145 for a photo-clinch album:

I'll add my breakdown of the alignment/highway history later this week.  The real oddity i thought was kind of neat to see was the high speed rail bridge northeast of Madera.  Really there isn't a bunch on this route aside from copious amounts of farm land for almost the entire 67 miles.  There is a recent roundabout south of Kerman, the California Aqueduct, and several rail crossing that were worth a look.  Not much substantial here, definitely state highway worth with the truck volume...never did all of 145 until today.

Oddly enough, today I drove all of 145 south of Madera (did the rest last year). But no photos, except sign photos for some of the games in the Traffic Control sub-forum.

I look forward to reviewing your photos, as I make my way out of the Central Valley.

Brings back "old" times -- clinched 145 back around '84, when my ex and I had a "commuter marriage" (she lived in north Fresno and had her main law offices in Madera, while I was normally in Santa Clara at the time).  Used the situation to travel around the Valley (and parts of the coast range), clinching as many state (and the occasional local) highways as possible when & if I had the spare time.  Did a 101-25-198-33-145 trip over to Madera once, dropped in to her office for a bit, then headed to our Fresno home (near W. Barstow & Fruit) via 145 and SB 41.  Still in the age of film cameras, so didn't have any "dash-cam" setup to use for pictures -- so with the time I had I just clinched the route sans photos.  Still, it's nice to see that not much has changed (except for the Jensen roundabout and the HSR bridge) in 33 years!  Max -- thanks for the memories!   

Max Rockatansky:
The funny thing is that I've never actually owned a dash mount, I never seem to find one that will suit my needs.  I either do one of two things; one take the photo inside the car when the glare on the windshield is good, or below 60 MPH use the "hand out the window" method...which surprisingly works well.  Really I got to get a dash mount at some point, I had to pull over because there was a Fresno County Sheriff going the same direction as me and I didn't want to explain why I was taking photos.

Totally ironic someone else on the board would be traveling 145 roughly the same time as me.  Really it is one of the low roads in the Central Valley but still gets a surprisingly large amounts of traffic.  I really wish that I had gotten better pictures of the HSR as I was passing by.  For some reason my close shot had really glared up and went out of focus to the point where it wasn't something I could salvage.  I thought about doing Road 145 also to get the implied continuation to the Friant Dam on the San Joaquin River but had to take a phone call.

Really the history on this route is pretty much how Daniel described it on  To that end I'm sure the road blog on this one will be brief and I'll be writing it up tomorrow.

Max Rockatansky:
Finished up my road blog on CA 145 just now:

Interestingly it looks like CA 145 was actually applied to LRN 126 by 1949, not 1953.


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