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The state legislature, as analysts indicated would happen failed to override the vetoing of the 80 MPH bill, so no increased speed limits coming to BD interstates.


--- Quote from: TheHighwayMan394 on March 30, 2023, 05:59:49 PM ---Governor Burgum has vetoed the 80 MPH bill. Guess it's up to see how much appetite the legislature may have to override.

He added on the original ND House passage for 80 MPH did not have a veto-proof majority, so it's probably not good on that front.

--- End quote ---
Hey, I support his veto of one of those 2 bills. Not the 80 mph one though, he should have signed that one...

Great Lakes Roads:

It's back!

"The House voted on and passed an amended version of Senate Bill 2168 which deals with speeding violations, the use of safety belts, and traffic fines and penalties. Governor Doug Burgum vetoed a bill last month that would have increased the speed limit to 80 mph. With this bill, lawmakers are hoping to promote several key elements of vehicle safety while also increasing the speed limit and improving the seat belt law.

“The entire time we were working on that senate bill, it was under the context that we would be dealing with 80 mph. When the governor vetoed that, we decided to put in that bill so we could still deal with those speeding fines in such a way that made sense with 80 mph,”  said Rep. Ben Koppelman, R-West Fargo."


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