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Not sure if this is the place for this, but I thought I would start a little game. Guess That Bridge is as simple as it sounds, Guess the bridge! Almost any bridges are allowed, but:

óNo immediately recognizable bridge pics. The point of this game is to have to think a bit.
óNo unrecognizable bridge pics. It has to have a somewhat distinct feature, so that overpass by your house probably wonít work here.
óphoto editing is encouraged, but follow the rules above. If you couldnít recognize the picture after 6 months of not seeing it, itís probably not going to be guessed.

The bridges DO NOT need to be road bridges! Do you know a cool train bridge? Put it! Is there a bridge that carries a set of rails to roll barracks of bourbon across the road? Post it here! Someone may know it!

With the image guidelines in place, we can move onto guessing. Here are some guidelines:

óGuess the name and/or location of the bridge. Both local and formal names are accepted. Examples of guesses might be: the War Motherís Memorial Bridge; OR the Capitol St Bridge; OR the bridge that leads to the capitol in Frankfort, KY. Just make the bridge in question obvious.
óTo make a guess, quote the original post, without the picture.
óThe first person who gets their guess correct (as confirmed by the poster) gets to post a new picture to guess. If they do not post a picture within 24 hours, someone else can post one.
óIf no one guesses it within a week, the guessing has stalled. Thatís OK, after a wile, someone can post a new picture to guess.

All that being said, please keep it on topic, good luck, and letís begin!

First bridge to guess:

Decatur, Alabama?


--- Quote from: M3100 on July 20, 2020, 08:02:40 PM ---Decatur, Alabama?

--- End quote ---
No, itís a bit north of there. Though, it is on a river named after a state, so...

Been on the BUS 72 bridge tho, so that was a nice surprise.

McKinley Bridge, Saint Louis, Missouri. Crosses the Mississippi River...?


--- Quote from: ozarkman417 on July 20, 2020, 11:53:39 PM ---McKinley Bridge, Saint Louis, Missouri. Crosses the Mississippi River...?

--- End quote ---
Close, itís a bit to the west. It does look similar though. This bridge has 5 Pennsylvania truss spans, not just 3. If you have been on the Bourbon Trail, you will have probably seen it.


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