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Planning a family trip for next summer
Birmingham to Seattle (I-65 to Chicago, I-90/94 primarily to Seattle)
South on I-5 to Portland to begin our way back via I-80/84 to at least Illinois, still figuring out the exact route home from there to maximize roads and/or counties)


--- Quote from: hbelkins on December 07, 2022, 01:14:13 PM ---Better pack an overnight bag, or expect to do a lot of driving in the dark.

--- End quote ---

I would plan to get an early start in order to put the dark portions closest to home on roads I'm more familiar with.  When I did the day-trip I mentioned above to clinch the WV Turnpike in August, I left around 5 am & got home a little before 7 PM (granted, there's much more daylight in August than December).  The route I took for that trip was:

-Left Baltimore area on I-95 SB, then I-495 Outer, I-66 WB, I-81 SB, I-77 NB, I-79 NB, US 48 EB, WV 92 SB, US 33 EB, WV 32 NB, US 48 EB, WV/VA 259 NB, US 50 EB, VA 37 NB, US 11 NB, I-81 NB, & finally I-70 EB back to the Baltimore area

I think the drive I'm planning should be an hour or 2 shorter with the Corridor L shortcut plus using I-64 versus dipping all the way down to Wytheville. If I did a similarly early start, I'd get sunrise before leaving Maryland and sunset maybe somewhere around the Nice Bridge.

Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Going to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge, in January.
I was going to do Upstate New York & New England in the spring, but I think I'll push that back into the summer to coincide with the Buffalo roadmeet.
Nothing else concrete for travel, outside of Ohio, beyond those two for the upcoming year.


--- Quote from: kphoger on December 06, 2022, 11:23:59 AM ---This may be the first time I've done a Mexico trip by way of Monterrey (NL) instead of Monclova (Coah) since 2014.  However, I do not plan on taking I-35 through Fort Worth.  Instead, I plan to take an extra hour and do this route to Cotulla (TX).

1.  I'm seriously considering the OKC bypass that people on here have suggested:  Kilpatrick Turnpike to Sara Road.  Is there still a lot of road construction on Sara Road?

2.  The 301-mile stretch from Abilene to Dilley will be all new mileage for me.  In that part of Texas, I've never ventured between US-277 and I-35.

3.  On the Mexican side, this will be the first time I've driven the new toll road south of the old km-26 checkpoint (just south of Nuevo Laredo, down to the cuota/libre split at km-146).  I transited the northbound lanes by bus back in March of this year, but this will be my first time by car.

4.  One last stretch of new mileage will be this, from Fed-85 to NL-40D.  The reason for going to Monterrey on this trip is that part of our group will be flying into MTY, and the rest of us will meet up with them there.  I flew into MTY back in March, but we had lunch in the old town part of Monterrey before heading west, so we took NL-40D south from the airport that day.

--- End quote ---

Forgot to mention:

I also plan a slightly different route for the return trip through Texas, through Kerrville (routes shown here).  The 122-mile stretch from Devine to Junction will also be new mileage for me.  Kind of different, considering I don't usually even bother looking at a map anymore when we drive to Mexico.  But I've had to get more creative for this trip, because I'm juggling three factors:

1.  I still refuse to drive through Dallas—Fort Worth (to/from Galveston last year was a reluctant exception to this rule).

2.  We need to stop at the airport in Monterrey along the way.

3.  I'm planning around hotels that offer three-bed suites, now that our three sons are old enough to not cram into one bed anymore.

So I guess the master plan looks something like this:

US 41:
I'm going to be driving to Crater Lake, Oregon during the last week of June, which is when the road has always been reopened at the latest in the past (June 24 is the latest recorded day the west road has opened up). My vacation runs mid July- mid July (based on my first day of employment).

I have two weeks of vacation and am still trying to figure out where to use my other week of vacation. Got it narrowed down to 1 of these 3 I think.

Option 1) Mississippi River Delta region
Option 2) Clinch remaining counties in AZ and NM
Option 3) MX 16, MX 45, MX 10 in Chihuahua, MEX.


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