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June 27-29 to WI/MI

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Have a trip scheduled for June 27-29.

June 27: Chicago -> Iowa City -> Waterloo -> Rochester -> Twin Cities -> St Cloud -> Duluth

June 28: Duluth -> Ironwood -> Houghton -> Crystal Falls -> Marquette -> Sault Ste. Marie (ON)

June 29: Sault Ste. Marie -> Flint -> Point Edward (ON) -> Farmington Hills -> Toledo -> Chicago

Clinch only segments of I-94 I'm missing (Minneapolis-St. Cloud, Port Huron-St Clair Shores)
Clinch segment of I-75 I'm missing north of Knoxville, TN (Sault Ste Marie-Birch Run)
Clinch 3di (380, 535, 675, 475, 696, 275, 280)
Clinch several counties in IA, MN, WI, and MI, including all I'm missing in Michigan UP (Gogebic, Ontonagon, Houghton, Keweenau, Baraga, Iron, Dickinson, Marquette, Alger, Luce, Chippewa)

I generally do these trips solo, but if this sounds interesting to anybody, I wouldn't mind a companion. Approx 10-11 hours each day in the car. Would need passport.

Those are some hard days behind the wheel with barely getting a whiff of the scenic nature of Northern Wisconsin and the U.P.

At least you're in the part of the year that you're unlikely to be spending much time driving in the dark; it's daylight between 6am and 10pm (or 5am and 9pm, depending on which side of the time zone you're in).

Today I learned there's a village called Point Edward, Ontario, despite driving through it several times. Pretty surprising it didn't get amalgamated into Sarnia, which is what happened to most villages in the province.

Good luck with the trip!

Woof, those look like some lengthy drives! Or maybe I'm seeing things.  But I historically have trying to avoid driving more than 8-9 hours in a day if I'm driving by myself. Heck, these days I try to keep it to 7 hours tops.

I would recommend booking a hotel in Duluth early if you havenít already. Even though itís a Tuesday, the changes in lifestyle habits of the last few years mean itís busy in the summer no matter what day you go and not only on weekends anymore. Itís bad on weekdays and worse on the weekends.


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