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Cities that are a lot bigger or smaller than you thought they were

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The Nicholasville Bypass certainly seems to have been built to spur development...


--- Quote from: SkyPesos on August 29, 2023, 01:14:52 AM ---I learned recently that Lexington KY’s city limits population is larger than Cincinnati. Would’ve not guessed that at all from how much urban Cincinnati feels in every way, and the metro area population for each shows.

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Because there is a lot of developed unincorporated territory in Hamilton County that is adjacent to Cincinati but not part of the city itself. If it was Cincy's population would be around 450,000.

Cincinnati is 77 square miles compared to Lexington at 283 square miles if you had 283 square miles out of Cincinnati's urban area you'd have a larger population than Lexington does. Cincy is about 750 square miles for urban area with a population of right around 1.7 million compared to Lexington's urban area being 87.5 square miles and 315,000 for a population that right there shows how rural Lexington is since the city limits take up so much land area it does make sense that Lexington proper has more people than Cincy proper.


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