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Atlanta to Salt Lake City via Tallahassee

Started by US 89, May 15, 2022, 02:43:44 PM

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US 89

So I am moving from Atlanta to Tallahassee for grad school, but because that and my apartment lease don't actually start until the middle of August, the plan is to get my stuff down to a storage locker there and then drive west to Salt Lake City to spend the summer with family.

I pretty much have five days to do this. General outline is as follows:

Day 1 - Atlanta to Tallahassee, most likely I-75 to US 319. Idea is to get to Tallahassee early enough to get my shit in storage and show my family around the city since they've never been there before. Will probably make a stop at the ridiculous gas station on steroids otherwise known as Buc-ees. Good news is a good chunk of this will be new mileage, since I've never been south of Cordele on I-75, and last time I made the Atlanta-Tallahassee drive I used US 27 down and US 19 back up.

Day 2 - Tallahassee to New Orleans area, hopefully with a stop at one of the Gulf beaches along that way, and depending on time maybe explore Pensacola a bit. Ideas for an easy beach to stop at for a couple hours, play in the water, then resume driving would be appreciated. I've never been to Louisiana so this will be state #40 for me.

Day 3-5 onward - no real plan, but I need to be in Salt Lake City by that 5th night and would rather not have to drive more than 10ish hours in one day. Would also prefer to minimize I-40, I-70, or I-80 as major components if possible, as I've already driven much of those across the country's midsection. (If it helps to visualize, here's my mob-rule county map for a picture of what I've done already). Ideas I've thought about include Mount Magazine and/or Talimena Drive, Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma, and Taos/northern New Mexico, but I am open to other suggestions. Also have some family in the Dallas and Albuquerque metros, which could make for good stopping points if I happen to be in those areas.

I'll be heading back to Florida in August, so I might be able to snag anything along that way that I miss on this trip, but I have no idea what the timeline on that drive will look like.

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