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[Cancelled] Boston, Massachusetts "City Meet"/"Transit Meet"?

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Something I've been thinking about for a while is the possibility of having a meet in and around Boston, Massachusetts at some point post-pandemic. As I'm attending school in Newton, just outside of Boston, I have easy access to the city and there is an interesting blend of old and new architecture/infrastructure in the city and its suburbs.

However, the reason I would call this a "city meet/transit meet" instead of a "road meet" is that as anyone who lives in the region probably knows, Boston traffic is horrendous and drivers are notorious for being aggressive and in many cases illegal. I for one do not feel safe driving in or close to Boston. As such, this meet would be conducted mostly on foot, and for longer distance travels around the city, would utilize MBTA public transportation. It's worth noting that the MBTA system includes some significant infrastructure in and of itself, including America's oldest active subway tunnel underneath Tremont Street near Boston Common (hence "transit meet").

Off the top of my head, I could think of several sites of interest in and around the city:

* Bridges on the Charles River
* Bridges on Fort Point Channel
* Old & New Charles River Locks (the old lock being on the dam at the Museum of Science, and the new lock being located between the Zakim and Charlestown/N Washington Street Bridges)
* Freedom Trail (a hiking trail that shares most of its alignment with city streets, and passes by some of the most historic sites in the city)
* Esplanade Trail, running alongside the Charles River in downtown Boston, offering views of the bridges and the city that are hard to compete with
* Storrow Drive & Soldiers Field Road - Boston's version of Chicago's Lake Shore Drive or NYC's FDR Drive, and paralleled by part of the Esplanade Trail for much of its length
* The abandoned highway stubs for the cancelled Northeast Expressway across Rumney Marsh Reservation, which are accessible via MBTA bus and then on foot along the Sea Plain Basin Trail
* South Bay Interchange, the large "mixing bowl" interchange between the Mass Pike and I-93, accessible from South StationThese I do not believe are easily accessible, but worth consideration:

* Abandoned highway stubs for the cancelled Southwest Expressway in Canton. The area is accessible via MBTA bus, but is located in an heavily industrialized area and I'm not certain if one can technically access the abandoned carriageways without trespassing.
* Abandoned ghost ramp/stub off of the I-93 double-decker structure in Somerville, intended for the cancelled I-695 Inner Belt. This is also located in a heavy industrial area and is probably not easily accessible.Any potential meet obviously does not need to include all of the above - these are just ideas that are all walkable or accessible via MBTA.

I would suggest South Station as a starting meet-up place, since that is the primary regional transportation terminal for those coming in from out of the immediate area (South Station and Back Bay Station are the primary Amtrak and Commuter Rail terminals for the city, and South Station is also the regional coach bus terminal). The main concourse of South Station is also a significant piece of architecture itself.

I'm not going to suggest a date yet because the course of the pandemic is still uncertain, and I'd propose to hold off on any plans such as this until the vaccine is more widely available.

Would there be any interest in such a meet along the lines of what I've described above, or a variant thereof? This would likely be on a Saturday or Sunday.

I'd potentially be interested, though in my case I'd be coming in from the north.


--- Quote from: froggie on December 30, 2020, 10:21:47 AM ---I'd potentially be interested, though in my case I'd be coming in from the north.

--- End quote ---

Same here.

If most people would be coming from the north, we can always meet up at North Station, and anyone who is coming from the south or southwest can connect directly to North Station via Back Bay Station, which serves most of the same train routes that terminate at South Station (though Back Bay does not serve any regional buses). As annoying as it is, there is no direct connection between North & South Stations.

If people want to drive in and try to find parking in the city somewhere (good luck with that), that's fine too. Though parking fees are generally outrageous...

I'd be coming from the west, so any of the above is workable for me, as I can get to either North or South stations easily, and you can get just about everywhere else from those terminal hubs.

Of course, this is still all hypothetical as I'm not going to try and officially put anything together until more people, including myself, are vaccinated.


--- Quote ---If people want to drive in and try to find parking in the city somewhere (good luck with that), that's fine too. Though parking fees are generally outrageous...
--- End quote ---

Agree that parking in Boston is expensive, but on past excursions, pre-COVID, I've always had success finding parking, whether at Sullivan Square (Orange Line), Boston Common (Green Line), or even downtown (off State St).


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