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2021 Wilmington, DE Road Meet - 7/17/21

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Announcing the 2021 Wilmington, DE Road Meet, to be hosted by yours truly in his first attempt in the host's seat. (So you know what that means - it could be the last attempt too!  :-| :angry:)

Saturday 7/17, beginning at 11:30 AM.
Lunch location: Timothy's Riverfront Grill (930 Justison St, Wilmington, DE 19801)

Meet Tour Highlights (1:00-5:00), portions WILL involve walking:

Wilmington Riverfront/New Sweden Street Bridge
Interstate 95 (downtown) construction
Bridges of Brandywine Park
Washington Street Bridge
DE 273 @ I-95 interchange construction
"Delaware Park" Access Roads & Signage
Old DE 7/White Clay Creek Bridge (Stanton)
Old DE 41/141/James Street Bridge (Newport)
The 12'10" Bridge (Newport)
DE 141 (Newport area) construction
Post-Meet Ballgame: Hudson Valley Renegades @ Wilmington Blue Rocks (6 PM, Frawley Stadium)

Many more details to follow, but this event *is* happening. Look forward to seeing you there!

YAYYYYYY, I can't wait!! This will be awesome!!!!

I'll be there. :| X-(

Rob Adams:
Huh...Hudson Valley Renegades at Wilmington, huh?

Count me in!


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