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Thanks to everyone for the feedback on what errors you encountered at https://www.aaroads.com/forum/index.php?topic=33904.0
Corrected several already and appreciate your patience as we work through the rest.

 on: Today at 01:19:18 AM 
Started by un1 - Last post by dmuzika
Now if only Ontario would get its act together and increase the speed limit to 120 or 130 km / h.

100 km / h is too slow.  Even 110 km / h on the few roads its on is.

Does the traffic flow generally follow the speed limit, or does it run higher during optimal conditions?

 on: Today at 01:15:12 AM 
Started by Max Rockatansky - Last post by Occidental Tourist
I remember 31/Main Street being signed off the 91 well into the 90s, before the double exits EB were eliminated in favor of a simple diamond.

Also, there was a huge greenout on WB 60 at the Hamner/Millikan interchange. Was that ever signed for 31?

Apparently it was.  This website looks at a couple of former signs on the 60 at Hamner/Millikan.  One looks like a Temp 15 sign with control cities and the other looks like a scraped-off 31 spade.

 on: Today at 12:21:17 AM 
Started by Poiponen13 - Last post by mapman1071
AZ State Routes Full Freeway

AZ 51 16.7mi
AZ Loop 101 60.99mi
AZ 143  3.93mi
AZ Loop 202 77.66mi
AZ Loop 303 35.25mi

partial freeway
US 60 27.54mi
AZ 24 1mi

Hybread Freeway/Expressway
AZ 210 3.96mi

 on: Today at 12:04:06 AM 
Started by NWI_Irish96 - Last post by thspfc
FSU's situation is weirdly similar to the position UCF was in in 2017. This FSU team has a stronger resume, but the team they're up against - coincidentally, Alabama - also has a much stronger case than they did in 2017.

What I think will ultimately bail the Seminoles out is that they beat LSU by more than Bama did. Also, I think the fact that Bama would be in if they scheduled another cupcake team instead of Texas is making people realize how broken the system is. With the information we have, Texas is better than Bama, but we wouldn't have any reason to think that if they hadn't played each other.

 on: December 02, 2023, 11:58:55 PM 
Started by 1 - Last post by mariethefoxy
Question about the pre-big dig configuration. How did things work with the HOV lane on the lower level on 93 heading towards the older Zakim bridge which had only three lanes across? Looking at old footage where people get onto 93 from the Tobin they loop around and that lane becomes the rightmost lane where there are only two lanes on 93 south approaching that merge, then those three lanes go over the old double decker Zakim bridge.

Also that segment itself is a bit strange, was all that extra space for more lanes in the double decker segment in Somerville supposed to tie into the unbuilt I-695 if it was built?

The HOV lane didn't exist back then. It was added as an environmental mitigation as a part of the big dig. Yes the extra space would've facilitated the merge from I-695 had it been built. Also the old double decker bridge over the Charles River was named The Charlestown High Bridge. It was never referred to as the Zakim Bridge.

Interestingly, before the loop ramps your referring to were built, ramps to the Tobin Bridge (US 1) connected at a Y Interchange directly north of the High Bridge on the EAST side. Before US 1 was relocated onto the Central Artery, US 1 traversed the Tobin Bridge and continued to Storrow Drive. This meant than anyone who wanted to continue on US 1 South would merge on to the High Bridge in the left lane, have to merge over 2 lanes of heavy traffic to exit to US 1 Storrow Drive on the right, all within the 1/4 mile or so of the High Bridge. The same would apply to those entering North from Storrow Drive and wanting to continue North to US 1 and the Tobin Bridge.

Actually, the HOV lane on the Lower Deck existed almost from the opening of the roadway in September, 1973 (the day after Georges Tonka Toy wiped out a support bent on the Charlestown side - note that the Upper and Lower decks didn't receive the I-93 designation until late 1974.).  The left lane served as both the exit to the northbound Tobin Bridge and the HOV lane.  When the lane was being enforced, people without the minimum number of occupants (it was originally 3+) who tried to slip back into the mainline lanes would be pulled over into the gore area, ticketed, and then directed to take the ramp to the Tobin Bridge.  There used to be a right-side slip ramp into City Square northbound just before the start of the bridge, but many people weren't aware of this or were unable to cross over to use it, with the result they ended up in Chelsea.   When work began on the Zakim Bridge/Big Dig, the lane wound up being significantly shortened, and would no longer had an "enforcement" area.  Originally, MassDPW wanted to eliminate the lane completely, but the EPA rejected the idea.   Instead, the start of the lane was extended to just after the Mystic Avenue exit, and a new "enforcement area" was constructed midway along the HOV lane where the road widens at the stub ramp that was supposed to come from the I-695 'clockwise' direction.

During that time when the older High Bridge was still in use and the Tobin ramps were reconfigured to the right side, where did the Carpool lane end? Since I imagine it would have merged into the two main lanes, since the on ramp from the Tobin according to videos I watched added a lane, so then you had three lanes over the High Bridge, the right most lane was an exit only for the Storrow Dr Exit then the onramp right after that Exit made the third lane for the elevated artery

 on: December 02, 2023, 11:52:40 PM 
Started by Henry - Last post by Alps
I'm not a civil engineer, but I wonder if:
* shoulders are paved to different standards than standard lanes (roadbed, pavement thickness, etc.)
* the DMZ between HOV and GP lanes is paved as a shoulder (I think there are drains there as well)
Both valid questions.

 on: December 02, 2023, 11:46:45 PM 
Started by NWI_Irish96 - Last post by Alps
Michigan and Washington won. They're in.
FSU is well ahead of Louisville, so they're very likely in.

Last spot. Three 12-1 teams. Not up to your preference or bias, but what you think they will actually select:
* Alabama: SEC champion, beat undefeated Georgia.
* Texas: Big 12 champion, beat Alabama.
* Georgia: The only other team that went 12-0 in the regular season.

 on: December 02, 2023, 11:38:53 PM 
Started by Zeffy - Last post by lstone19
As for the distribution, there seems to be a thought of "bigger service areas leaving a metro area, smaller ones further into the journey" for whatever reason.  It's not even a recent thought, given that Ardsley exists and has no SB counterpart.  This is visible even in NYSDOT rest areas; see Clifton Park (no SB counterpart) and the Adirondack Welcome Center (bigger and more modern than Glens Falls SB).

There used to be a SB rest area near Clifton Park but undesirable activities (at least in the eyes of NYSDOT) were happening there at night (it was a hangout of some sort) so it was bulldozed. I believe it was between exits 11 and 10 just north of MP 17 and today is marked only by the trees being father back from the road.

 on: December 02, 2023, 11:30:17 PM 
Started by ZLoth - Last post by DandyDan
Probably back in 2010, when I turned 38, when I found out a coworker of mine who was younger than me became a grandmother.

 on: December 02, 2023, 10:59:45 PM 
Started by 74/171FAN - Last post by Mapmikey
I was wrong. The road is only open to SR 744. It's paved and striped beyond the SR 744 intersection but it's well-blocked off.

Every sign along the route is posted VA 460, and out of nowhere as you head east, US 121 is also signed.

The road is not four lanes all the way. The four-lane ends just past the VA 80 Breaks connector and the rest of the route, with the exception of a divided portion at the SR 609 intersection, is two lanes with a truck passing lane in spots and not much room for a full widening to four lanes evident.

I'll have a more detailed report later.

The US 121 posting is a surprise, as only the US 460 overlay portion of it is even funded in Virginia.  Hope you got pictures in case it doesn't last.  Not sure when I'll be able to get out that way.

I'm also wondering if SR 744 will be put into the primary system as a connector to VA 83.

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