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California 1 Pacific Coast Highway

Started by andy3175, November 24, 2014, 12:37:26 AM

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Proposal to remove and replace the Trancas Creek bridge along SR 1 in Malibu:

Quote[T]three government-initiated projects [are] slated for one general location: restoring the long-gone Trancas Lagoon, reconfiguring the Trancas Creek flood channel that runs through the Malibu West subdivision, and an $8 million project to replace the aging Pacific Coast Highway bridge over the creek. ... Caltrans is heading the bridge replacement project, but the lagoon and flood channel plans are being managed by the Santa Monica Mountains Resource Conservation District (RCD) and the National Park Service (NPS). Caltrans representatives said they "want to make the projects complimentary in terms of work and schedule,"  but that could be in jeopardy since RCD and NPS are playing the waiting game in an ongoing divorce battle between Trancas Country Market owners. ...

During the meeting, officials had yet to evaluate how the delay would affect their coordinated timeline and other joint agency efforts. They said the Dubbert divorce will likely hold up the lagoon restoration, but have no effect on the bridge replacement. They also confirmed that flood channel upgrades could probably proceed independently of the lagoon restoration. ...

Caltrans' timeline for replacing the bridge:
January 2015: Prepare the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) document
June 2016: Release the draft environmental impact report (DEIR) for public review
March 2017: bridge design 70 percent complete and permit applications begin
March 2018: release bridge bid packet
April to October 2019: bridge construction

Caltrans officials reaffirmed the agency's belief that the 1925/1946 bridge is "ancient and needs to be replaced."  The $8 million estimated cost for the project has already been set aside. The new bridge will be longer in length — at least 120 feet instead of the current 97 feet, "in order to accommodate creek flow"  and "reduce its impact on the creek,"  said Karl Price, senior environmental planner for Caltrans.

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Pismo Beach: Caltrans is proposing a roundabout at Hwy 1 and Price Street in Pismo Beach. They are currently undergoing design and survey phase.

San Simeon: Caltrans is planning to realign Hwy 1 north of San Simeon.

Plutonic Panda

Part of this road in Ventura county will be closing each night until further notice due to erosion.

Max Rockatansky

Two of three posts actually citing segments of CA 1 which are part of "PCH" is a higher accuracy percentage than I normally expect.  The Cabrillo Highway and Shoreline Highway designations get zero respect.


So they're leaving it open during the day because the road is more visible? I'd assume the risk of veering off onto the beach below due to the road damage is still the same, but at least you can see the road better.


Plummeting to your death in daylight is always preferable.

Plutonic Panda

Another section of PCH near Latigo Canyon is closed due a mudslide and Malibu Canyon is closed as well due to a rockslide. From what I've read both roads should be open within a few days.


I drove PCH between the LA County line and Las Posas Rd, and it's is completely open. Crews have done a great job directing drivers away from the wreckage.

Plutonic Panda

Awesome! I noticed today Mulholland is closed a little east of Coldwater. Looks like it should reopen soon. These storms have really done a number.

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