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Interstate 5 From Los Angeles to San Fran.

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Hmm, as far as roadgeek attractions, I would recommend:

+ Golden Gate Bridge (natch) - drive across, park at the vista point and then check it out on foot.
+ Lombard "Curviest Street" (not really the curviest ;))
+ Octavia Boulevard freeway to street conversion. Nicely done, but lots of traffic jams.
+ Yerba Buena Island - good views of the new Bay Bridge construction.
+ Drive to Muir Woods or Mount Tamalpias in Marin County. If you have time, head up to Point Reyes.

Also it's standard tourist advice, but it really is a whole lot of fun taking the Powell-Hyde cable car from Aquatic Park to Market Street - return on a F-Market historic trolley car.

If you haven't driven the 101 yet, definitely go that way.

As mentioned, once you get over Grapevine, you're in the Central Valley which is a very uneventful drive all the way to I-580. If you insist on going through the Central Valley, CA-99 is a much more enjoyable route. It also goes through the bigger cities of the Central Valley (Fresno, Bakersfield, Modesto, etc).

But, Us-101 is such a much nicer drive.


I agree US 101 is a lot more enjoyable drive from L.A. to San Fran. Some ocean view and rolling hills. you'll drive thru Santa Barbara, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, and San Jose. and if you really have time from SLO take CA 1 thru Big Sur. that was one of the best drive i've every been, great ocean veiws! :biggrin:

1 has to be one of the most frustrating routes to drive, ever.  RVs doing 20 mph; and barely any places to pass them.  Of course, the "slow vehicles use turnouts" signs must be invisible to them. 

yea I forgot that it is a 2 lane winding road and that can be a big problem with slow RVs in the way. I still think the veiws are great though. Also  I just notice your coming in Dec, Jan which is during the raining season in Cali, and the 1 can have a problem with mudslides, which you might be better to stay on the 101 or the 5. I guess if you want to just get to SF I say take the 5, If however you want to see some nice scenery take the 101 and save hwy 1 for the late spring or summertime ;-)


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