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Getty to Lukoil

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Lukoil took over all of the Mobil stations after ExxonMobil phased out the brand in NJ. Originally they took over the Getty brand stations and were slowly rebranding them, but some oddly remain.

I don't think I've ever seen a Lukoil station anywhere which has self-service. So it's a natural switch, they're right at home in New Jersey! :biggrin:

Getting rather OT here, but I'm wondering where there's a Getty in this state.

Roadgeek Adam:
There was one on NJ 27 until recently

Cross the river into Pa. -- there are some Lukoils that are self-serve there . . .

There was a Getty at the Penns Neck Circle -- U.S. 1 and Washington Road in the Princeton area.  Not sure if it is still in business.


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