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--- Quote from: roadfro on September 11, 2022, 07:21:43 PM ---That double-guy mast arm style is basically an endangered species in Nevada. Probably less than 10 of them left...

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Now I'm trying to remember where I have seen them, because that number seems low. I could swear I've seen at least half a dozen around Reno/Sparks alone, but I very well might be counting some twice.

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Make sure you're not confusing a curved mast arm for a double-guy curved mast arm. Curved mast arms (a la California) are still in plentiful abundance around Reno-Sparks (smaller example & larger example), but I can't think of any double-guy mast arms around here. The double-guy mast arms are very thin, and have the two guy wires strung from the mast that support the arm, and the mast arms themselves are only about a lane wide.

Here's some double-guy mast arm signals, all in the city of Las Vegas:
[*]Charleston Blvd, just west of Shadow Ln: Controls a crosswalk outside of University Medical Center (Vegas area's main hospital). Interesting because the road is 3 lanes in each direction with center turn, and there's only one overhead signal head, so it doesn't remotely meet modern NV signal standards.
[*]Alta Dr (WB) & Brush St (Used to have similar installation EB)
[*]Two of the three signals at Ogden Ave & 3rd St in downtown
[*]Three of the four signals at Maryland Pkwy & Oakey Blvd: Northbound also is 3 lanes with one overhead signal. This also has the also now rare post-mounted (5-section horizontal) left turn signal in a narrow median. (Also unusual, there's a fire hydrant in that median!  :-o)

So that's eight double-guys that I can think of, and I can't think of any outside of Vegas. So maybe "less than 10" is an exaggeration, but it's probably not that far off. There used to be a lot more of these double-guy around downtown Las Vegas, but several have been replaced in the last decade or so as the city/RTC have done street modifications and have been replaced with signal hardware that matches new street scape elements and conforms to more modern design standards.

Note also that the Las Vegas area still has many of these double-guy mounts in use for other purposes like school zone flashers, but I'm only counting actual traffic signals in my endangered species claim.

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I also add Presidio and Highland. The street view is from January of 2021, though I can personally attest driving through there in March of 2022.

I am surprised it was ever installed, considering it is just an industrial neighborhood.

Another thing I wonder is if those double-guy curved mast arms are recycled for use in other intersections (either as temporary or permanent installations)

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South Virginia Street at State/Court Streets has two as of last weekend. There's a third in front of Harvey's Lake Tahoe. Mast is in Nevada, but Caltrans maintains the signal. I could swear there are more, but again, could be mistaken.

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Well I'll be, those two in Reno escaped my notice, and I pass through the regularly enough (although usually at night, when it's harder to notice).

I'm also curious if the signal at Tahoe is maintained by Nevada. NDOT went through a could years ago and put yellow reflective strips on all signal backplates located within state highway ROWs. I don't think California is nearly as proactive with that.

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The intersection is officially under Caltrans control per the internal data I have access to (and it would be an authoritative source for the basin). That mast arm might be owned by Nevada. The state line runs along the northeast side of Stateline Avenue.

Caltrans D3 has been going crazy with yellow reflective backing, particularly in the Tahoe basin.  That might be a TRPA funding thing.

Caltrans has added the yellow reflective border to all of the signals that they maintain statewide. I believe it was in response to the widespread PSPS power outages over the past few years.


--- Quote from: jdbx on October 27, 2022, 03:58:59 PM ---Caltrans has added the yellow reflective border to all of the signals that they maintain statewide. I believe it was in response to the widespread PSPS power outages over the past few years.

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IMHO, it's a good idea anyways, besides making it easier for those with red/green colorblindness to safely navigate streets, also making the signals easier to see in the morass of a commercial 'strip' area.  I'd love to see them be made mandatory in the next MUTCD update (c'mon, get with the program NYCDOT!)



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