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--- Quote from: kphoger on March 16, 2023, 02:55:45 PM ---The gin I purchased most recently is this one, because the liquor store was out of the one I was intending to buy.  It's quite unlike my usual picks, especially because it has a bit of a musty flavor to it.  The reviewer from whose site I grabbed the image describes it as being like 'the aroma of damp maple leaves after a summer rain', and I can definitely see where he's coming from.

It's been a struggle to find a drink it works well in.  My usual citrus-forward drinks don't play nicely with the musty character of this gin.  But it worked pretty well in Negroni (which, by the way, Chris, is indeed better with a more normal vermouth than Punt e Mes).  And where I found it actually shines is in a martini, which surprised me for some reason.  The other day, I tried a second go-around with it in a gin and tonic, but this time I muddled some cucumber in the gin for a while and added several dashes of Peychaud's bitters, and it was better with those slight changes.

I probably won't buy it again, but it has been an interesting deviation from my usual.

--- End quote ---

Leopold's also makes a Summer Gin which is vvveeerrrrryyy citrus forward as well. Basically Todd Leopold (nice guy) made a gin especially for his mom who loves lemon. They they liked it so well that they sell it seasonally.

I was digging around in my home office yesterday trying to find something. While searching, I stumbled across the following drink recipe instructions my late father sent me in 1994. These date back to his law school days (1968–71). My relatives all have fond memories of when my dad made these after my grandmother's funeral and got everyone severely drunk, but nobody had the recipe. My cousin asked me about it around a year ago and I said I knew I had it, but I couldn't find it, and she said, "I figured you may be the only person who had that information stored somewhere!!" So I found it yesterday by accident and sent it to her, and her comment about my being the only person to have the information is what prompts me to post it here. This probably sounds disgusting, but if you follow the instructions it will taste very good—too good, actually, as you can seriously mess yourself up drinking these. Note that, as I said, this recipe dates back over 50 years, so when my father says "real beer," he doesn't mean IPA or porter or any of the craft brews you see on the market today. He means mass-market ordinary beer like Heineken or Coors, and I assume back in his law school days he more likely used something like Stroh's. The last time I remember him making these, I think he used Heineken.

All parenthetical comments, and the misspelling of "crushed," are as my father wrote it 29 years ago. The name of the drink apparently comes from the nickname of a law school classmate of his.

Step #11 is very important and is not a joke.

--- Quote ---STUDLY SOURS

1. One can frozen pink lemonade mix
2. Pour this into a blender
3. Fill same lemonade can with bourbon, blended american whiskey, or scotch (the second is best—Seagram’s 7 works fine, but Calvert is just as good. Do not use any very good whiskey: no Jack Daniels or Crown Royal or Glenlivet. Also do not use total smeck or you will taste it twice—on way down and then again on way up and neither time will be pleasant)
4. Fill same lemonade can 1/4 way with same as #3.
5. (Obviously both full and 1/4 lemonade can get poured into blender)
6. Fill lemonade can with beer: real beer, not junk light beer (drink maker gets to finish what is left in each can as he/she makes the studlies)
7. Pour in juice from a jar maraschino cherries (not all the juice, just enough so you know it went in—1/4 to 1/3 of juice in the jar)
8. Turn on blender: slowly at first because beer will fizz and, as this is all blending, add cruched ice or cubes if your blender will crush them.
9. Continue blending at various speeds until all ice is crushed and you have a smooth drink.
10. Pour into old fashioned glasses (a particular style glass, not just an old fart’s glass) filled with ice cubes and one or two maraschino cherries.
11. Try not to drink too many or you will throw up.

--- End quote ---


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