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I-15/CA-91 Express Lanes: A great idea, but where else would they be welcome?

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There's a proposal to do a similar express/tolling setup with I-15 in Las Vegas along the Strip resort corridor.  It is being explored as a public/private partnership, which would be a first for NDOT.

State law needs to change for this to happen, though.  Currently, toll roads are forbidden in Nevada.

The HOV lanes on I-80 and I-287 were both abandoned in the late 1990's, IIRC.


--- Quote from: akotchi on October 19, 2009, 05:57:37 PM ---The HOV lanes on I-80 and I-287 were both abandoned in the late 1990's, IIRC.

--- End quote ---
Yup, cuz nobody used them.  :pan:

Riverside Frwy:
If Express lanes were put in on Interstate 405 from LAX, through the sepulveda Pass and ending at US 101 would be perfect.Do have any idea how much Los Angeles would make on having Interstate 405 tolled?They would clean up......


--- Quote from: John on February 04, 2009, 10:05:04 AM ---Northern California could definitely use them along freeways like 880 and 680 which are a mess every day.

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An HOT (high occupancy toll) lane is under construction on southbound I-680 between CA-84 and CA-237 (basically the Sunol Grade section of I-680).  The HOT lane is actually a conversion of the existing HOV lane.  There are plans for a northbound HOT lane but there is no funding for it.

Also on the drawing board in Santa Clara County is the possible conversion of the HOV lanes on CA-85, CA-87 and U.S. 101 to HOT lanes.  I also believe the new HOV lanes on I-580 in Livermore is also supposed to become HOT lanes.


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