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I-10 in Baton Rouge

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Is this really surprising?

If you take a look at your own travel patterns, you will likely notice that most of your trips are in your own region, it's not like people take a 200 mile trip every other day.

Truck traffic patterns are different (more likely to be long-distance), but folks also underestimate how many trucks just serve the needs of a single urban area. Most of what is consumed in Baton Rouge or any other metropolitan area needs to be picked up or delivered by truck. Many of those are local / regional drivers. Most stores are supplied through a regional distribution center, not from 4 states away.

Urban Prairie Schooner:
Just from my experience it appears that a fair number of trucks on I-10/12 in BR have destinations in the BR area, but are originating from out of the area. This is especially true for trucks serving major retailers. For example the closest Target distribution center is near Tyler TX, there is the Hobby Lobby distribution center in Oklahoma City, and of course there are the various Walmart distribution centers (closet ones to us are Opelousas and Robert LA).

I think regardless of trucker origins it would be nice to have a means of removing some trucks from I-10 and I-12. Even having an alternate route for the small number of through trucks would make a big difference.

The Ghostbuster:
Are there any plans to widen Interstate 10 to six lanes west of Interstate 110?


--- Quote from: The Ghostbuster on September 28, 2022, 03:47:13 PM ---Are there any plans to widen Interstate 10 to six lanes west of Interstate 110?

--- End quote ---

It's already 6 lanes over the river.  Maybe do a little more research before asking?

I looked at the I-10 Mississippi River Bridge and it does need widening.  Despite it being 6 lanes, it does lack shoulders. Plus a lane drop on the west approach at La 1 where the third lane defaults to the exit should really be extended a little beyond the bridge.


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