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Question About US 77 & NE\IA 2 Between I-80 & I-29

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--- Quote from: mrose on July 05, 2022, 09:57:41 AM ---The first priority I think would be to remove the remaining at grades on 77 at Pioneers Blvd, Old Cheney Rd and Warlick Blvd (which is an old alignment of 77). I think there is also one at-grade left in Nebraska City...

--- End quote ---

There are a number of them near NE City:

* Steinhart Park Road
* Access to State Patrol complex
* South 3rd Road
* South 3rd St
* Ivy Road
* Valmont Drive
That doesn't include the large # of at-grades between NE City and Lincoln.

Revive 755:
I seem to recall a Highway 2 freeway upgrade between Lincoln and Nebraska City being proposed a few years ago as a 'Build Nebraska' project but not getting selected. I seem to also recall it getting some opposition.

The upgrades for US 77 between the South Beltway interchange and the current Highway 2/Van Dorn Street Interchange appears to be waiting for funding - see

SD Mapman:
There's also a proposed eastern beltway between I-80 and NE 2:


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