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Hello everyone, I'm a new forum member from Southern New Mexico. I've been reading the forum for several months before opening an account about a month ago.
I've been interested in roads basically my whole life and when I was younger I used to draw maps of freeway networks in imaginary cities.
I hope I can encourage more discussion from forum members about my home state of New Mexico, which seems to be the least active of the Mountain West states on the forum.

In my personal life, I'm in my senior year of film school at NMSU and I make driving and travel videos in my free time to post on YouTube.
My YouTube channel is called ArtiePenguin1 and I'm currently in the process of re-doing all my El Paso time lapse driving videos. I previously covered Loop 375 and I-10 back in 2014-2016 and there's been a lot of construction since.

One of my most recent videos was filmed during spring break when I visited Kansas and Nebraska, I filmed the Kansas Turnpike (I-35) north from Wichita to Cassoday.
// also filmed a quick video showing the Kansas Turnpike's self-service tollbooth. These will be replaced within the next 2 years as part of KTA's (The Kansas Turnpike Authority) plan to upgrade to all-electronic open road tolling.
I'm also interested in electric vehicles and will be soon getting my first one (a Kia EV6).
If there's any good place to put EV discussions on this forum, please let me know. The federal NEVI program (National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure) is ramping up and state departments of transportation are drafting plans to expand EV charging in every state.

Hello from Arizona and welcome to the forums!

Welcome from Massachusetts!

Hello from Upstate New York! Welcome to the forum, jtespi!

Hello from Florida!


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