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Max Rockatansky:
Seems I will be going to Maui come September.  Everything is booked and ready to go for said trip aside from a reservation at Wai'ānapanapa State Park.  Considering this is four days and I have non-road people coming along I'm really trying to pair this down to the best roads on the island.  Does anyone have any input if I'm on the right track by planning for the following?

-  Hana Highway
-  Piilani Highway (the one lane segment is pretty in line with what I frequently drive in California)
-  Haleakala Highway and Crater Road (this strikes me as a Pikes Peak type low gear descent from the top of Haleakala)
-  Kahekili Highway
-  Honoapiilani Highway

The non-road people will be the car at minimum for Hana Highway, Haleakala Highway and Crater Road.  I was hoping to loop eastern Maui via Hana Highway and Piilani Highway the same day given I think that I can convince the other two people (one is my wife) that backtracking sucks.  I do have one free day to myself to get around western Maui and try to mop up anything else I can see on the island.  Is there anything major or exciting road wise I'm missing?  I prefer mountain type roads, but I was hoping there was some sort of Old Pali Highway and Farrington Highway style abandoned road out there that I just haven't found yet.  I would be inclined for some trails of note as well, I'm adept for more difficult hikes but my other party members would be more inclined for something moderate.

^ You're on the right track. Honoapiilani Highway (including the partially-completed HI 3000 Lahaina Bypass) is unexciting, but it avoids backtracking on the one-lane county portion of the Kahekili Highway.

I've seen, from the Honoapiilani Highway, what might be a hikeable old alignment, in the Olowalu Tunnel area. But I've never tried to check it out.

Standard tourist advice is to do the Haleakala summit road to catch sunrise on the mountain. I did that once, waking up at 2am. My later visits have been at a more reasonable hour (sometimes around sunset, some not), and those worked too.

The Hana/Piilani loop takes you by the much overrated "Seven Sacred Pools" (more than seven, none more sacred than any other pools). I'd stop there for a pee break, and also check with a ranger about road conditions on the unpaved and sometimes impassible part of the Piilani.

Haleakala is fine when not at sunrise.  Felt the elevation when I was up there.  Do not mistake a prairie chicken for a nene.

Max Rockatansky:
Fortunately, I did talk my wife out of thinking competing with the sunrise crowd at Haleakala was a good idea.  We are on the same page about wanting to get a decent hike in at a decent hour somewhere near the summit. 


--- Quote from: Rothman on August 12, 2022, 10:47:41 PM ---Do not mistake a prairie chicken for a nene.

--- End quote ---

Nene are not exactly the Einsteins of the bird world. They'll carelessly walk into traffic, one reason why they're an endangered species.


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