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A little more spare time and a little more context.

Assuming you're staying on the leeward side  whether in Lahaina or Kihei, doesn't really matter. Central Maui is the pinch point for all of it.

I highly recommend downloading the Maui tour from Gypsy Guide. A really, really good GPS tour guide that provides great context and useful driving instructions.

* Round Hana. Start early in the morning - as early as you can - shooting to get to Hana by noon. Go around to Kipahulu, with a goal of leaving Kipahulu by 3 p.m. I want you to be clear of the long shadows by the time you pass Kaupo and the pavement improves significantly.
* Central Maui Day, finishing with sunset on Haleakala. If you're into route clinching, you're going to have to just do some weird back-and-forth in central Maui, including the drive up to Waihe'e. (If route clinching isn't that important to you, I say skip Waihe'e). I think sunset on Haleakala is better than sunrise, but I'm not a morning person. If you want parking, expect to be leaving Pukulani by 4 pm  that'll give you time to stop and check stuff out on the way, like Hosmer Grove and crater rim hikes.
* North end day. Touristy stuff. Blowhole. Hikes.

Max Rockatansky:
Just wrapped up Day 1 in Maui, it was kind of eventful.  We ended up getting in at 9:20 AM and it was pretty much a straight shot the rental car facility.  I'm to understand the dirt parts of Piilani Highway have weathered to the degree that it is currently impassable "somewhere."  To that end I'll to consider what to do with the one-lane Maui County maintained part of Piilani.  The rest of the Hawaii Route and Maui County Routes (I think, it seems to be a little clearer than O'ahu) I do have a plan in mind to get by Saturday morning. 

Anyways the eventful part of today was my initial rental car having an engine issue which reduced the power.  Fortunately, I was in Wailuku when my rental had said issue and was able to limp back to the airport for a swap out.  I ended up with an upgrade, so I guess it worked out.

All that aside did knock out a bunch of routes (State and Maui County) in the center of Maui today:

- 31 in Kihei area
- 32
- 32A
- 33/330
- 36A
- 311
- 380/3800
- 3400
- 3500

My photos are a little disorganized, but I did manage sort/snip/filter them:

Max Rockatansky:
Apparently the impassable part of Piilani Highway is between Mile Markers 31-39:ʻilani-highway-remains-impassable-from-mile-31-39-due-to-landslides-road-damage/

Around 2000 there were some old embossed route signs in Wailuku for HI 33 and 34. Those might be gone by now. (Oscar Voss has some photos:

Max Rockatansky:

--- Quote from: kurumi on September 22, 2022, 11:56:57 AM ---Around 2000 there were some old embossed route signs in Wailuku for HI 33 and 34. Those might be gone by now. (Oscar Voss has some photos:

--- End quote ---

Unfortunately seems they are all gone.  Interestingly 33 has a modern shield approach Market on 32 westbound.


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