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Max Rockatansky:
Maui County Route 305, Maui County Route 365 and old Hawaii Route 40:

Here's an old county 305 marker, painted over a county 400 marker, at the west end of 305. My guess is that is long gone.

That's also an example of the old "photo negative" county route markers unique to Maui, with colors reversed from the standard state marker (except brown substituted for black). My guess is they're all gone, too.

Max Rockatansky:
Regarding the painted over CR 400 shield on Waiko Road that is indeed gone.  I didnít see any negative shields the entire trip either.  I went looking for most of the unique Maui shields that are on your photos page but largely came up empty.  The absent embossed shields in Wailuku in particular was disappointing.

Max Rockatansky:
Hawaii Route 380

Max Rockatansky:
Did one big blog for the entirety of Haleakala Highway:


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