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RIP Franco Harris

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jp the roadgeek:
Just 2 days before the 50th anniversary of The Immaculate Reception and 3 days before the Steelers are going to retire his number.

BREAKING: Franco Harris, the Hall of Fame running back whose heads-up thinking authored “The Immaculate Reception,” considered the most iconic play in NFL history, has died at 72. Harris won four Super Bowl rings with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s.— The Associated Press (@AP) December 21, 2022
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Franco Harris's best move was running out of bounds.  He got the yardage available, then went out to save his body from extra hits.  Good move!  It was a contrast to Earl Campbell, who did the bull in the china shop routine until he was used up.

I heard a replay of a radio interview Ron Cook did with him just under 2 weeks ago.  At the end, Ron asked him how he was feeling, and he said he was feeling fine.
RIP indeed.

It's amazing how one play could turn a perennial loser like the Steelers into a six-time Super Bowl champion! Earlier this morning, I saw a clip of the old NBC telecast where Bradshaw threw to his intended target in the midst of a Raiders pass rush, but the ball bounced off Tatum (the defensive back covering Bradshaw's receiver) and out of the camera's view until it reappeared in Harris' hands and was carried for the winning TD. I know it'll be replayed on NFL Network in the days leading up to the anniversary.

RIP Franco

And I noticed that this weekend, on Christmas Eve, the Steelers will host the Raiders - that will be quite the commemoration.


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