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Dog Valley Grade

Started by Max Rockatansky, December 19, 2023, 11:43:46 PM

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Max Rockatansky

The Dog Valley Grade is a historic highway corridor which connects Truckee, California east through the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Verdi, Nevada.  The Dog Valley Grade was scouted in 1845 by Caleb Greenwood as a safer alternative to the Truckee River Canyon.  During the California Gold Rush the Dog Valley Grade would become a component of the Henness Pass Road and Dutch Flat & Donner Lake Road.  The Dog Valley Grade would later be incorporated into the North Lincoln Highway during 1913 and Victory Highway during 1921.  The completion of the Truckee River Highway during June 1926 bypassed the Dog Valley Grade.  The Truckee River Highway would become part of US Route 40 during November 1926.


Known locally as the road some people try to use to avoid winter jam-ups on Interstate 80, get stuck in the snow up there and need Search and Rescue to come bail them out.

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