🛣 Changes to the California Highway Website covering Nov-Dec 2023

Started by cahwyguy, December 30, 2023, 02:18:28 PM

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As promised yesterday, here is the last set of updates to the California Highways pages for 2023. As always, "Ready, Set, Discuss". It looks like we'll be recording the next episodes of the podcast Sunday morning -- I might get them edited and the first out as a New Years Eve present, but no promises.

Changelog on California Highways: https://www.cahighways.org/chg2023.html#2023-12
Equivalent Blog Post: https://cahighways.org/wordpress/?p=16647

I'll note this reflects a lot of refining of the US 66 history regarding the Santa Monica extension, which clarified a bunch of stuff on LRN 162, Sign Route 2, and such. There's still a bit of confusion on the early days of LRN 165, pre-Fig tunnels.

As always, Ready Set Discuss ... and a happy and healthy 2024.
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