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US 40 in the central valley

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voyager: Thanks!

flowmotion: I assume it's because the Feather River route was all-weather, though it is significantly longer than US 40/I-80.  There's something I think is an abandoned alignment of what was ALT US 40 (and previously, Route 24) near the Route 70/89 junction but I've never been in that part of the state.

ALT US 40 did NOT follow Route 99 or Route 70 to Marysville along the current El Centro Boulevard route (and along I-5 out of town).  Rather, it followed this route from Davis on:

Before 1953 or so, up Pedrick Road north to Russell Boulevard
Russell Boulevard east to present-day Route 113

(after 1953, that was supplanted by Route 113 north to Russell Boulevard)

Present-day Route 113 (then, US 99W) north through Woodland, including the old routing of East Street into town
Present-day Route 113 north to Route 99
Route 99 north to Yuba City - probably not the current Route 99 alignment, but along Garden Highway
5th Street east from Yuba City to Marysville, which I think is the old Route 20 (and the old US 99E)
Then from Marysville, Route 70 north/northeast (though not the present Oroville alignment, but the original one subsumed by the dam)

TheStranger - long delay, but thanks for the clairification.

I have read that CA70/ALT US40 route was (largely unsuccesfully) promoted as Donner Pass alternative even back in the gold rush days.


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