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CA-126 eventually to be expanded to a full freeway from 5-101?

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I noticed that CA-126 gained a freeway "stub" from I-5. I remember driving that stretch in 2011, and at the time, there was no freeway stub from I-5 at all, so that's new to me. One of the futuristic maps over in the fictional highways forum shows CA-126 eventually being a 3di of I-10 (I-810, if I remember correctly). I realize this isn't the fictional thread, but I am genuinely curious...

Do you think that's a possibility at all? Would it be doable to create a freeway bypass of Fillmore and expand the current St. Paula freeway to interstate standards, and realistically convert 126 into a 3di? Even if 126 isn't converted to a 3di, can you see a full freeway between I-5 and 101?

Max Rockatansky:
I'd doubt it given the limited terrain it would take to create a bypass of downtown Filmore.  I doubt people would look favorably upon ripping up a downtown area like the days of old with freeway building.

Originally (1963) the configuration of the 5/126 interchange was a trumpet, with a partial diamond interchange with "The Old Road" north of the original US 99/SSR 126 intersection.  Since until about 1994 there was a CA 126 freeway extension planned to connect I-5 with CA 14 (the Via Princessa ramps on the CA 14 freeway in the east side of Santa Clarita are the remnants of that plan), the original trumpet was to be replaced by a directional interchange. When the freeway was cancelled, the interchange was reconfigured to a parclo and instead of an eastward freeway extension a conventional divided street was deployed to serve the local industrial park. 

The concept of a full freeway along CA 126 was tied into the notion of an east-west corridor between US 101 along the Ventura County coastline and the high-desert region centered around Palmdale, consisting of CA 126 and CA 14; once out in the desert, the CA 122 alignment toward CA 58 near Hinkley was to serve as the penultimate extension of a corridor that would extend from Ventura to I-15 and/or I-40 near Barstow (the intrastate California Freeway & Expressway System was nothing if not extensive in its original 1959-65 iterations).  Of course, the expansion of the L.A. suburbs into the corridor region effectively rendered such a bypass corridor moot.  And since Caltrans 5-laned most of CA 126 in the late 1990's (and recently modified it with roundabouts), it's unlikely that the relatively recent facility would be bypassed by a freeway anytime soon (AFAIK there are no adopted freeway routes anywhere along 126 east of the existing freeway terminus east of Santa Paula).  The former freeway stub west of I-5 today simply segues into the 5-lane surface alignment.


--- Quote from: sparker on April 26, 2018, 04:45:51 AM ---The former freeway stub west of I-5 today simply segues into the 5-lane surface alignment.
--- End quote ---

Former freeway stub? It's still there - the area where 126 goes west of I-5 and crosses Commerce Center Drive. That's now a diamond/cloverloaf intercharge. That wasn't there in 2011. It also has an "End Freeway" sign right around where the WB ramp merges with 126... so it's a freeway stub, still, I'd say?

Also, I looked at the map, and it looks like there CAN be a bypass of Fillmore. Look at the rendering (black line) I've drawn here: Thoughts? That could be a full freeway, and the rest of 126 could then easily be converted to a freeway, with all the at-grade intersections removed and changed to limited access.

I can definitely tell that CA 126 has/had aspirations of being more than it is now.  Also, note that short freeway stub off of CA 14 on the east side of Santa Clarita.

In that same light, I would include CA 138 eastward from I-5 (short freeway stub) and CA 118 (Reagan/Simi Valley Freeway) west of CA 23 in this discussion.



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