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Author Topic: Interstate 42  (Read 220197 times)


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Re: Interstate 42
« Reply #1075 on: March 06, 2023, 06:02:31 AM »

How about Selma? Its bypass is short. They might as well extend US 70 ALT through Selma and keep US 70 on the bypass.

Since I-42 will use US-70 Bypass in Selma, I'd just decommission US-70 Bypass and call it a day.
Another possibility: put US 70 on US 70 BUS through Smithfield (this would be consistent with returning it to Clayton as already announced). Decommission US 70 BYP and also US 70 ALT; make US 70 ALT a state primary highway through Pine Level, perhaps NC 270.

US 70 Business was US 70 originally and US 70 through Selma was US 70 ALT not too long ago. That is why the tiny BUSINESS writing on the I-95 guide at US 70 Bus. Exit as NCDOT didnít want to replace the sign but instead cram in the new designation.
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Re: Interstate 42
« Reply #1076 on: March 19, 2023, 10:02:31 PM »

Google Maps has updated its Street View coverage of US 70 in Craven County to December 2022. From this I have captured new images of construction progress in the James City area and at the beginning and end of the Havelock Bypass, such as of the future bridge carrying US 70 East over the eastern end of the Bypass:

on my Future I-42 in NC website: https://malmeroads.net/ncfutints/fut42.html#photos2


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