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Hello from Virginia!

Started by Joseph R P, June 09, 2022, 10:40:04 PM

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Joseph R P

My name is Joseph, I'm an OpenStreetMap contributor and Wikipedia user from Prince William County, Virginia. I have an interest in roads and highways as well as automobiles, geography, and public transportation.

My work on OpenStreetMap is mostly revolved around improving the highway networks of Virginia, Nevada, and Washington DC (however I also like working on mapping things like businesses, sidewalks, forests, etc.) and a good chunk of my Wikipedia work being articles about roads in the previous stated regions.

I was born in Fairfax, Virginia but grew up in Las Vegas, so I'm still interested and am knowledgeable of what's there road-wise. I also frequently visit DC.

I've lurked here a little in the past and this is not my first post here, but it's a pleasure to be a new user on the forum!



Decommission 128 south of Peabody!

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Welcome from Massachusetts!

Traveled, plus
US 13,44,50
MA 22,40,107,109,117,119,126,141,159
NH 27, 111A(E); CA 133; NY 366; GA 42, 140; FL A1A, 7; CT 32; VT 2A, 5A; PA 3, 51, 60, QC 162, 165, 263; 🇬🇧A100, A3211, A3213, A3215, A4222; 🇫🇷95 D316

Lowest untraveled number: 14
Expected lowest untraveled number tomorrow: 25



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Hello from Upstate New York! Welcome to the forum, Joseph!


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Current Interstate map I am making:

Georgia Guardrail

Welcome to the forum Joseph!  Virginia is a cool state!

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