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Max Rockatansky:
Back in 2016 I took CA 299 along the former US 299 alignment from US 101 in Arcata to I-5 in Redding.  Essentially the route was full of curves, gold rush town, and ghost towns.  I wanted to cover the trip on Surewhynotnow in the Summer but the Carr Fire broke out which made it somewhat inappropriate.  I'm fairly certain what was left of Whiskeytown is gone and probably parts of Shasta as well:

Just wait until you drive SR 96 Max.  It will surprise anyone who has never driven it for how great a road it is!  299 is so curvy but most of 96 just flows and rolls as wide 2-lane with many modern bridges added in.  The scenery is off the charts as 96 follows the Klamath River for a considerable distance.  For E/W travel between I-5 and the coast in NW California, 96 is by far the finest route.

If you are lucky you will meet Bigfoot too.  There is a festival celebrating the legendary creature of the woods held in Willow Creek during the spring.


Hey!  Look at all the things I could have seen in October 2017 if my gf and I weren't cut off from using CA-299 because of fire damage!  We were supposed to go from Crescent City to Redding via US101 and CA-299 but CA-99 was we had to go all the way up to Grants Pass, OR via US199, then south on I-5.  We love the area and the Redwoods, so we will go back someday.  CA-96 and CA-299 both look exhilarating, thank you

Max Rockatansky:
Regarding CA 96 Iíve only driven a small segment from I-5 in the past.  I gave CA 3, CA 96, CA 169, CA 197, US 199, and some others on my short list for blog posts next year.  Iíll probably return really as soon as I can convince my wife of the merits of Redwood and Crater Lake National Parks.

Regarding CA 299, I think whatís left of Whiskeytown was wiped out by the Carr Fire along with possibly some of the structures in Shasta.  I thought Helena was in oddly prestine condition but it probably has a lot to do the remote location.   Really the whole Trinity River Canyon is a beautiful drive but itís a long haul that probably is best suited to a swift car. 

Max Rockatansky:
I recently took drive on CA 299 from CA 139 near Canby west to Redding.  This would cover much of the original corridor of US 299 that I would have missed up thread.  Below a photo tour of the corridor can be found along with some photos from Burney Falls:


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