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Whats the background of your interest in all this? How’d you develop it?

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Loved looking at maps since I was a very young kid -- 3 or so.

Lucky enough to have a job related to my interest.

Also believe we have had a similar topic before.

Big John:

--- Quote from: Rothman on July 25, 2021, 09:24:21 PM ---
Also believe we have had a similar topic before.

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For some unknown reason, I've had a hyperfixation on it since I was four or something. I honestly actually made an account on this forum after remembering it existed, I used to lurk a long time ago.

I get good use out of it though, I find it hard to get lost. There was one person in high school that got lost on the way to school because a railroad crossing was closed.

It's a few things for me::
1. I always loved maps, particularly the highway road atlas. It always fascinated me to see the changes on that from year to year.
2. When traveling the highways, I guess I always had (and still do) a keen sense of what would change through a stretch. For instance, replace the roadway lighting, I'll notice it. Change a sign, I'll notice it.
3. I find it fascinating how different locales have a different "look" for roadways (lighting seems to really stand out for me). For instance, Illinois with its "classic" aluminum truss light poles and stoplights (the latter of which is increasingly being replaced sadly), Chicago with its classic "cobrahead" lighting that sadly now is obsolete in favor of a generic looking davit style, or the unique WI "classic" stoplight assemblies which are also being phased out, sadly.
4. The sound of some of the pavement, especially on the concrete sections. Going through Indiana and Florida are quite fascinating for me to drive through, for instance. Illinois has a few spots here and there too.

Just loved paging through the free road atlases my parents got from their State Farm agent back in the day.  Also would page through the AAA triptik that they would get before every trip to visit my grandparent's in Connecticut.


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