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Los Angeles-San Francisco no freeways

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The Ghostbuster:
If one really wants a Los Angeles-to-San Francisco freeway, just make US 101 completely freeway between the two cities. Nothing else would need to be done.

I tried mapping directions with apple and google maps. Weird neither of them suggested CA-82 and Monterey Rd/St

A nice way to get from CA-154 in Los Olivos up to Santa Maria is Foxen Canyon Rd, especially in the spring with the wildflowers. You can get over the Cuyama River on CA-1, but there's also a sneaky way inland by taking Tepusquet Rd up to CA-166, which comes out on US-101 just north of the river. You can take the old US-101 alignment into Arroyo Grande, CA-227 into SLO, and Los Osos Rd up to Morro Bay. And it's possible to get onto CA-1 north of the last freeway interchange at CA-41 on surface streets.

If you go up CA-33, there are various ways to get across to CA-1, such as CA-58 and CA-46. You can also squeeze through on CA-198, Lockwood San Lucas Rd, Oasis Rd, San Lucas Rd, CR-G14 Jolon Rd down to Jolon, then take Nacimiento Fergusson Rd across the mountains (though it's temporarily closed last I checked). That's a great road, if you've never driven it.

This is right up my alley, because I do this often. I went from Pacific Palisades to Springville, UT in one day without getting on a freeway back in '06. Memorable ride.


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From Downtown LA to San Francisco, coast route:

Wilshire Blvd
San Vicente Blvd
Ocean Ave
Entrada Dr
CA 1
Las Posas Rd
CA 34/5th St
Harbor Blvd
Figueroa St
Thompson Blvd
Ventura Ave
Casitas Vista Rd
Santa Ana Rd
CA 150
CA 192
CA 154
CA 246
CA 1 (again)
Santa Lucia Canyon Rd
CA 1 (again)
Halcyon Rd
CA 227/Grand Ave
Buckley Rd
Vachell Ln
Higuera St
Los Osos Valley Rd
Bay Blvd
Main St
Yerba Buena St
CA 1 (again)
Cass Ave
23rd St
Pacific Ave
Ocean Ave
CA 1 (again, all the way through Big Sur)
Ocean Ave
San Antonio Ave
17 Mile Dr (East)
CA 68
David Ave
Lighthouse Ave/Pacific St
Del Monte Ave/Blvd
Fremont Blvd
Military Ave
Paralta Ave
Coe Ave
General Jim Moore Blvd
Inter-Garrison Rd
6th Ave
8th St
Imjin Rd
Imjin Pkwy
Reservation Rd
Blanco Rd
Cooper Rd/Nashua Rd/Molera Rd
CA 1 (again)
Jensen Rd
Hilltop Rd
Salinas Rd/Main St
Freedom Blvd
Day Valley Rd
Valencia Rd/Trout Gulch Rd
Soquel Dr/Ave
Pacific Ave
Mission St
CA 1 (again!)
Westport Dr
Lundy Way
Sharp Park Rd
CA 35
Hickey Blvd
Callan Blvd
Serramonte Blvd
St. Francis Blvd
Eastmoor Ave/Westmoor Ave
Skyline Blvd
Sloat Blvd
CA 1, finally, and take the San Francisco surface routes.


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