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I know that the answer likely changes depending on the circumstance, but I thought this could be an interesting discussion.

As it is handled in Georgia, US routes should serve a purpose like frontage roads. They back up the road in case of construction, and they serve smaller roads that don't meet the interstate proper.


--- Quote from: SEWIGuy on September 21, 2021, 10:50:15 AM ---I know that the answer likely changes depending on the circumstance... .

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It definitely does.  The choice of what to do is highly contingent upon the geography and the layout of existing corridors.  This will be another one of those polls where I don't answer because there is nothing close to an overarching philosophy that I can agree long as you don't do what Illinois did with I-39, putting the US route as a duplex with the interstate and then inventing a stupid state route number for the surface road.  Two highways having three numbers is unnecessarily convoluted. Why not two numbers for two routes?

I voted the first option, as a parallel route helps out for emergency detours, and it keeps the US route on the old route, avoiding potential renaming confusion. Keeps a little bit of relevance to the small towns the interstate bypasses, too.

In urban areas, it should follow the frontage roads if there is no other parallel option (Katy Freeway, Iím looking at you)

It Honestly Depends, If the Highway has been completely built on (Like I-80 on US 40 in Nevada) or (I-15 on US 91 in Parts of Utah) then the highway should either be decommissioned or put onto the highway but unsigned (US 85 in New Mexico) but if the old road is still very much there (US 21 in Ohio, & West Virginia) or (US 25 in Ohio & Michigan) there should be no need for it to be removed as they're still important side roads


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